How to Deter Chafing at a Dock

Any nautical vessel, whether it’s for commercial or recreational use, is exposed to the elements on a daily basis. The lines, hull, cleats, fenders, and everything else take a beating while at the dock. You must take into consideration the wear and tear that happens, and do what you can to work against it.  It’s vital to do what is necessary to protect all aspects of the vessel. Fortunately, Chafe-Pro® offers a complete product line to help deter chafing at a dock.

Since recreational boats spend much of their time at a dock, it’s important to consider the interaction between the boat and the dock, and do what you can to minimize chafe abrasion. How to deter chafing at a dock seems to be a constant concern, but it doesn’t have to be, not if you are using the correct products to solve the problem. That’s why so many people in the marine industry turn to Chafe-Pro® to help deter chafing at a dock.

Chafe-Pro® offers a full product line to deter chafing, all at a cost-effective price point for any boating situation, from recreational yachts to commercial marine settings. The Chafe-Pro® product line was created by a former US Navy signalman and master mariner in the Merchant Marine. In addition, Chafe-Pro® holds 17 patents and trademarks for its products. They’ve even received the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Chafing Gear by Practical Sailor.

Chafe-Pro® is the trusted source for protecting your marine investment. A brand so trusted that it is currently being used by 95% of the US Coast Guard fleet, and more than 75 US Navy vessels. Not only does the marine industry turn to Chafe-Pro® for their chafe abrasion solutions, but many other industries as well. Some of the industries include arbor, climbing, mining, window washing, and high-rise maintenance. Chafe-Pro® has even provided chafe solutions to NASA!

Chafe-Pro® offers a complete product line for any and all marine vessels. For recreational yachts and mega yachts, to commercial marine vessels, and even industrial settings, Chafe-Pro® offers a solution for every problem. All of the products are abrasion resistant, cost-effective, and offer unparalleled protection. Not only that, but Chafe-Pro® products are manufactured in the US, and lightweight and easy to install.

Here is a look at several of the products in the Chafe-Pro® product line that help to deter chafing at a dock:

Chafe-Pro® Chafe Guards

The Chafe Guard is a protective cover that is specially formulated and designed using a heavy-duty nylon weave to protect a ships’ mooring and anchor lines. They are made to provide maximum flexibility and ease of application, as well as provide long-term chafe resistance.


The Chafe-Mat™ is an anti-chafe device that protects the boat’s finish or wood rails from fender or mooring line abrasion. It is made using an outer layer of abrasion-resistant nylon and has a soft porous underside.


The ScuffGuard® is manufactured using a soft-loop acrylic blend, closed-cell cushioning and hook-and-loop fastening. ScuffGuard® is ideal for fender lines and protecting gel coat surfaces.


The Wooly® was made to prevent fender and dock lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts. It is designed to withstand even the harshest of marine environments and is made from the highest quality New Zealand sheepskins.

Thor Guard®

Thor Guard® is a single unit that encloses both the splice and the eye of the line. It offers a continuous layer of abrasion-resistant material, without a break in protection at the transition from the eye to the splice.

By using any of the products in the Chafe-Pro® product line, not only can you deter chafing at a dock, but you can protect your overall investment at a minimal cost. Chafe-Pro® will ensure that your vessel always looks its best.

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