Sling Covers

Sling Covers

Lifting slings while durable are still vulnerable to chafe abrasion which can tear the fibers and reduce the tensile strength, thus impacting the equipment’s safety factor.  Chafe-Pro® Sling Covers will help preserve the life of your slings.

The points of contact in slings is the area that will receive most of the chafe abrasion, possibly resulting in cuts to the sling, as a result unprotected slings will accelerate their lifespan and limit their load bearing capacity.

In addition to chafe abrasion from points of contact, lifting slings can also be exposed to elements such as grime, dirt and other abrasive elements that will degrade the material over time and cause harm to the fibers of the sling.

Chafe-Pro® Sling Covers are manufactured and designed for some of the largest sling and rope companies in the world.  These covers ensure that the slings are protected from the elements and points of contact to preserve the longevity and performance of the sling itself.  All Chafe-Pro® Sling Covers are removable and easily installed in the field in a matter of minutes by one person.

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