STREP™ Unit Holiday Gift Guide

Chafe-Pro® has been fortunate enough to have its STREP™ unit featured in the holiday gift guide of two different blogs: and

The Static Rope Edge Protector (STREP™) was developed at the request of a window-washing company that needed to protect their static lines from chafing on the edge of the high-rise buildings they maintained, but can be used for a variety of different applications regarding rope chafing.

Listed are some of the comments featured in the gift guides:

Branch Whitney’s Hiking Las Vegas: Protect Your Ropes with Chafe Pro

“Chafe-Pro®’s chafe guards have been designed specifically for the recreational boater who use smaller diameter lines (ropes). However, I have found an additional use for them: to protect hand lines (ropes) that have been permanently placed in the mountains to assist hikers/climbers up difficult sections of rock.

What happens is the rope becomes abraded as it rubs across the rock. Over time this can compromise the rope and it can become dangerous. Normally we replace the ropes when needed. By covering the rope with Chafe-Pro®’s chafe guards the rope will not become abraded thus keeping hikers and climbers safe.

The chafe guards I have are 26 inches in length. They are closed along the length (all 26 inches) and on each end by heavy-duty velcro. They are very thick and should protect the rope for years. Chafe guards are very flexible and can bend around the rock.”

Barefoot Inclined: 2019 Gift Guide!

“Wait dude… time out.  I don’t have a boat?! Well, yeah ok, neither do I, but the Chafe-Pro Static Rope Edge Protector (STREP) is one of those products I didn’t know existed, and has a wide range of uses!

So while yes, these rope covers were designed for some heavy-duty nautical applications, they are also fantastic for protecting important ropes or straps in a variety of situations.

They can provide great protection in those critical applications such as rock climbing and rappelling.  OR.. in my case, a fantastic addition to my hammock straps to provide better grip, prolong the life of the hammock straps, and to be more friendly to the poor trees that are subjected to holding me up for an afternoon siesta!”

For more information on the Chafe-Pro® Static Rope Edge Protector click here.

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