The Importance of Protecting Your Cordage With Chafe Gear

One of the main concerns in any marine setting is protecting your synthetic lines from chafe abrasion. There are a variety of elements that can contribute to marine abrasions, such as piers, chocks & poor fair-leads, just to name a few. It makes sense, then, that some type of chafing gear is necessary to combat this problem. So, what is it exactly that you should be looking for when purchasing chafing gear?

There are two key elements of effective chafing gear that you should focus on: abrasion resistance, flexibility and strength. Whatever product(s) you choose to use, first and foremost, must be resistant to abrasion, as that is the main reason for the use of these products. Chafing gear should also be flexible. Every boating setup is a bit different, and it’s important that the products you use can mold and adapt to your particular situation. 

There is currently a large variety of products on the market set to combat chafe abrasion, making it quite difficult to know which is the best option. Of course, you want the solution you choose to not only work, but to also be cost-effective. Another factor to consider is the person or brand behind the product and their expertise in the field.  With some of the larger companies, it’s hard to know who is responsible for designing the products, if they have been tested properly and if the gear will work for you the way it’s claimed.

What you need is a product line specifically designed and tested by someone in the marine industry.  Someone with experience that knows exactly what will work, and what won’t. Fortunately, that is exactly what you’ll find with Chafe-Pro®.  

The line of chafing gear products at Chafe-Pro® was designed by Gail & Captain Edward Ratigan. Gail is a veteran of many small boat ocean crossings and Edward is a former US Navy signalman, reserve line officer and master mariner in the Merchant Marine.  Using the technology Gail and Edward created and patented nearly 30 years ago, Chafe-Pro® has created an entire line of products perfect for any boating situation. From recreational yachts to commercial marine settings, Chafe-Pro® has thought of an economical solution for it all.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Chafe-Pro® products:

1. They are made & manufactured in the USA.

Since 1991, all Chafe-Pro® products have been manufactured and distributed out of North Carolina.

2. The products are lightweight & easy to install.

All Chafe-Pro® products have been specifically designed with the user in mind.  Everything is constructed of lightweight material, is simple to install and is easy to use.

3. The products will outlast and outperform any other removable devices.

The patented technology has been put to the test and has proven to both outlast and outperform any removable anti-chafe protection devices, making Chafe-Pro® the global leader in chafing gear.

4. Chafe-Pro® products are customizable

The design and manufacturing teams take pride in their quick responses to any and all special applications and requests.

5. They will protect your investment

With the cost of synthetic lines rising over the years, it’s become increasingly important to not only protect your lines, but your entire investment overall.

Don’t trust your lines with just anyone. Protect your investment the smart way, with Chafe-Pro®.

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